Tom is an outstanding professional in the field of Architecture. Skill comes from experience. Design and artistic ability come from study and practice. Then there are those gifts we are just born with, and Tom has these gifts. All the training in the world will not make you a great Architect. You either have it or you don’t, and Tom has it!

— Michael L., Makawao

We got what we paid for and expected, and then some... To this day, my wife and I (not to mention all who visit) find ourselves remarking about how beautiful our house is and what a pleasure it is to live in it... it all started with Tom Hackett and his ideas and follow through.
— William H., Waialua
He brought much experience, sensibility, and knowledge to the project. We ended up with a result that was better than we could have anticipated. He was always cordial, caring, responsive and helpful... All in all, I would recommend Tom Hackett very highly.
— Don B., Honolulu
Tom was quick with drawing and turn around, affordable, easy to work with, had great sensitivity to scaling the project just right and understood our needs. And he was a joy to work with!
— Lisa K., Kailua
Tom Hackett is unique in Hawaii and his style is well known and respected in the industry.
— Gordon W., Honolulu
We have worked with Tom on a major overhaul on our house in Hawaii Kai. He was present when needed, he gave us prompt and full advice. He performed sound and solid quality work and we appreciate the professionalism where we needed it.
— Hanni & Jeani H., Honolulu